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That would sound epic in a club. Digging the lo-passed snare / rim especially.


Feeling this one… Inner City life vibes :fire:

I think the dnb’s going to see a bit of a comeback soon, what with the crossover success of the new Pessimist (self-titled) album etc. It’s definitely a record to check out if you haven’t already:


Deep stuff, wouldn’t sound out of place here in Berlin for sure.


From the EP this I’d say this one’s seen the best support overall, I’ve been hearing it all over the place. I made it almost a year ago so I can’t wait for the next one to drop now.



Hi! I did not use Circle too extremely but in the first track you definately can hear it in action. Loving the synth. Hope you like the music. :slight_smile:


Thanks Hugh.

Funny you mentioned d&b comeback… I was just talking to a friend about that. If you take a look at current trends, almost all 4/4 driven genres pretty much dominate popular electronic music these days. Traxsource / Beatport Top 100 is a bit depressing for someone who listens to breakbeat driven tunes. Really hoping the shift happens soon. Personally, I think it is sorely needed.


On a personal note, I wouldn’t mind giving the Circle Beta a run for its money and building a complete d&b track with it.


I’ve added you to the group there Joel…

Liking the tracks guys!

@nestowski nice techno vibes!


Thank you Gavin! Already have a few ideas


Btw, I post the beta link to the group forum, did you get a notification?


So true about the Beatport 100… But when you dig below the surface there is some cool breaks influenced music happening underground. I’m thinking Special Request, Tessela, Zenker Bros, Shed kind of stuff.


Loving these rhythms.


I released some new music earlier this month, Circle2 is all over it!


Serious sounds there @Hugh_FAW


Easy people…

I used Circle2 heavily to create the ‘self oscillating’ technique on my forthcoming ep.

I’m relatively new to producing (1 yr) and keen to receive feedback.


Sounding great! Impressive for just a year of producing, really nice work with the filter self resonance.


Cheers Hugh. really appreciate the feedback bro. By following your step by step video it really allowed me develop my confidence in creating my own patches.

2018 goals… get one of tracks played on rinse or radar :wink:


The music’s easily ready for that, just about getting the tracks to the right DJs and you’re away. PM me with a download link for Devil’s Triangle and I’ll definitely support on Radar :raised_hands:


Oh wow!! That would be amazing… definitely wasn’t expecting that. I’ll PM you a DL link tonight. Thanks for the support.