[Latest Beta Links] Circle 2.1.3 RC2 OSX - NKS and new DAW timeline sync added


Hey everyone,

Just uploaded a new beta of Circle 2.1.3 RC3 for OSX

In this update, we’ve fixed a couple of bugs, added NKS support along with a new feature: DAW timeline sync for modulations. This new feature means that Circle2’s internal clock for modulations is now tied to the position of the DAW’s timeline. The main improvement this brings is that LFO and Sequencer timings and position should now always be repeatable musically. It was highlighted a lot of times via support that it was difficult to get musically repeatable results with the modulation if you didn’t want a note to always re-trigger the modulation’s phase. By using the hosts timeline instead of note values, we can make sure that the modulation cycles always follow the hosts bar and beat timings.

Changelog since 2.1.2 RC4

  • Fixed issue with buffer size not multiples causing crackles ( found in FL Studio 20 ).

  • Increased font size on preset display and other interface tweaks.

  • Defaults to “My Sounds” bank when saving a new preset.

  • Implemented new host timeline sync for modulations. This is enabled by turning on “host timeline sync” on the bottom bar “settings” page.

  • Fixed crash when sometimes adjusting the delay time in the bottom panel.

  • Full NKS intergration, with Maschine browser audio previews for factory bank presets and individual per-preset control mappings to the most musically interesting Circle2 controls.

  • Fixed issue with a pitched hum coming from the noise channel of the mixer, this was apparent when the noise module was off, but the mixer channel volume for the noise was not set to zero.

  • Fixed timing display of arpeggiator, in previous versions the readout was incorrect when displaying BPM synced rates (eg. “2xbpm” was in reality “4xbpm” etc)

The Windows and Splice equivalent build will be on the way in the next days.

Here is the download link:

Circle2 inside Komplete Kontrol

Thanks again for the help!