Circle 2.1 Beta Links Inside


Thanks @SoSo38, yes the links are at the top!


Please help us find some bugs using demo mode first, then we’ll get a code over.


Thanks, will look into that.


Thanks for getting back to me - no worries - will give it a spn and ket you
know if I run into bugs.


Hello Gavin,

My activation code works now and I see the presets and the waves…

So I can test it now…

Sincerely yours



Solved. It does open the file, but it doesn’t open a new window in the finder like installers usually do for some reason, but I can get to it from the finder window sidebar


Great. Let us know how you get on, we’re keen to hear how Beta 2 is running from some High Sierra users.


Circle still not working with my Ableton…i still can’t open it. Which data or doc should i put where exactly ??
Its working super well as standalone !


Hi Hugh,

Thank you very much for the email. I would like to find out if we get an
NFR licence for Beta testing or are you just gonna give us a discount
voucher like with Circle2 previous Beta Testing?

Please let me know

Kind Regards
Winston Hulley


Please see PM about this one.


Hi there, just installed and tested , no issues at the moment (but I’m on it right now) in Windows 10 and StudioOne 64bit.
Just a note: if I install the standalone version the icon on the desktop is blank.
Also as someone else reported Avast blocked the download of the ,exe file


Thanks again guys for the help!


issue 1:
I am having some issues in regards to responsiveness of the up and down arrows of the preset selector while using my mouse to click the arrows, I click and nothing happens, it works fine in the preset menu mode.

This is with a midi sequence running from a track in live,
I do not experience this in standalone mode.

Issue 2:
I am also Noticing that my midi mapping to the knobs on my s49 only saves for the current preset I am using, If i change the preset all my mappings are reset, and need to be reprogramed.

I am noticing a very low volume noise that reoccurs approximatly every 13 seconds very low volume, hiss below -60db that comes from the channel Circle2 is using in Live9, I am not sure if this is some sort of Audio-watermark as its the demo version.
The sound persists even after reboot and new live session made.
No effects are being used.

More to come as I play around.

Native instruments Komplete Kontrol S49
Logitech G500 wired mouse + apple wired keyboard w/ numeric Keypad

Live 9.75 suite running on OS X EL Capitan 10.11.6
Macbook Pro 17" (early 2008) 2.6 GHZ core2 Duo 4gb ram

Should I be testing the Demo Version?
As it Is asking me to enter a code.

Am I posting my Information in the correct forum for this beta?


@Sebulon, firstly all great feedback.

On Issue 2, I think what is happening is that you are saving your midi assignments per preset. If you open up the bottom panel “control” you will see an entry in the table for each midi assignment. If you select “Global”, it will save the assignments across all presets. Can you check if this works ok for you.

On Issue 3, yes there is a hiss that we have in the demo version, we’re going to add this to the demo restrictions window that appears on launch, you’re not the first to ask about this!

You’re posting in the correct forum! Looking forward to hearing how you get on.


finally I got to install and test the beta2
the GUI is now working

what I miss is a way to assign the modwheel as a modulation source
when I don’t want to assign it via the midi mapping, because I don’t want a global assignment of it,
ok I can edit each preset, but that is a bit cumbersome,
it would be much easier, if I could just make a right click on any circle under any parameter and choose the modwheel as modulation source. Or maybe aftertouch/pressure or …

I noticed when I load a preset for the sequencer LFO and edit the preset I need to save it before I reload the whole patch,
else it loads the unedited preset with the patch,
that could be confusing for users. I think the sequencer steps should be saved within the preset.

beside this the midi learn works fine here in reaper 4.xx

I did a short midi mapping automation test record here:

I mapped midi controllers from my keyboard to the filter mode, cutoff and resonance and recorded some
modulation this seems to work fine.

I will test more

after testing a bit more and playing a while
I wanted to assign the modwheel to a paramter via the midi learn,
that crashed reaper here


@rsmus, I’ll have a look at this next, thanks for the bug hunting!


We’ve got a new beta ready for testing guys, check the topic marked “[Beta Links] Circle 2.1 Beta 3 Download links” for details…

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Many thanks GB— Downloading now mate! Ready to give feedback.
Hope you’re well.

Tony Vincent Productions
New York, New York


am i too late to test still, i don’t have any activation codes or anything?


There’s a new beta in here: [Beta Links] Circle 2.1.1 Beta 1 OSX

If you can first do some testing in demo mode to help us find some bugs, we’ll get a serial over to you.