[Bug ]Takes always 4 seconds till GUI appear!


i have some additional infos:

i did d-load :

garage band… studio one and reaper (demo versions…) and in ALL apps circle2 beta3 takes 5seconds for VST version, and 2,5 seconds for AU version till GUI appears… so i am shure, that circle2 is the problem … not the DAW. if its not circle, what else could it be? as i told, ALL other plugs opens in less than a second… i really hope you can find “the bug” cheers manuel


@stacker yes I agree that it is an issue with Circle and one I can fix for sure. The thing is that we are not seeing it here. My feeling is that it is something to do with the interface paint timers. I really want to figure it out, I think that is something related to the painting and your graphics card in the mac pro. For a solution it’s going to be tricky, I could try and get my hands on a similar system but it might not display the same problem and I feel it won’t. Leave it with me as I might have a flash of inspiration in the next day or so :wink:


Hi @Gavin_FAW as said in another post I experienced the same issue on StudioOne and Windwos10
Yesterday one the same PC I had the same issue using Reaper. Circle takes more or less 8 seconds to appear as said other synths (i.e. Sylenth) takes no longer than 1/2 seconds.
If I can do something to help you to solve (i.e. you can connect to my PC) I’m available of course.


hy gavin. what exactly do you mean by

cuber LE 9.5 ?

there is only a cubase 9.5 elements / 9.5 artist / and 9.5 pro

its maybe no so important… but anyway… greets manuel…


Cubase Elements Manuel 9.5 Manuel :wink:


hy gavin… thx fore the 9.5 info :wink:

btw. i installed now the “final” version… and… it “only” takes 3 seconds till vst-gui appears… it could be better… but thx anyway for this work :+1:

i still hope that in the future it opens like it does in your DAW :slight_smile:

greetings from swiss… manuel


@stacker, I have further ideas on how to get the interface to open faster. I’m keeping working on it, we’re not going to just release 2.1 and then leave Circle development.
Next 2.1.1 will add NKS support hopefully and alongside that, we’re going to try to improve the interface opening times. Wish I had a similar system to yours there, definitely something to do with your multicore mac pro and the way we are handling threading.


hy gavin… i inst. circle 2.1.1 rc5 … gui opening time now 6seconds !!! in all vst hosts :confused: then i installed another older version (2.1.0 beta4) … still at 6 seconds… au version takes still 3 seconds. i still have no idea why circle (vst) dont like my mac… greets manuel…